The Two Hormones Packing the Pounds On You

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Guys love hormones. Adrenalin? Great stuff. Testosterone? The more the merrier.

However, you produce more hormones than this dynamic duo. Two in particular, you need to know about and understand. One practically forces you to gain weight. The other practically forces you to keep it.

Nope, they’re not estrogen or insulin.

They’re cortisol and leptin, which are essential for the survival of wild animals.

Of course, you’re not a wild animal.

However, you are a mammal living in the modern, civilized world, full of its own problems, stresses and dangers that trigger your body’s most ancient survival mechanisms.

Unfortunately, these survival mechanisms now threaten your health, even your very life. They make it impossible for you to be the lean, fit, strong man nature intended to be…

Unless you understand them and control them.

How Cortisol Keeps You Alive… and Packing on the Belly Fat     The Two Hormones Packing

Hormones are produced by your body’s neuro-endocrine system. This is how your brain tells your body what to do. When you sense danger, your brain floods your body with adrenalin to engage your “flight-or-fight” survival response.

People on an adrenalin rush do heroic things. But these amazing things require tremendous energy. So your body produces cortisol along with adrenalin, and cortisol stays in your body long after the adrenalin has dissipated.

Cortisol’s job is to force you to replenish the energy you’ve expended trying to stay alive, whether you’re running and gunning… fretting your mortgage or career… and why it’s after midnight and your teen-ager doesn’t answer that expensive smart phone that maxed out your credit card because he/she couldn’t live without it.

Your body responds to psychological stress the same way it does to physical stress. It produces cortisol.

And just like it responds to acute stress by producing a flood of cortisol, it responds to constant, low-grade stress with a constant drip-drip-drip of cortisol.

So you start feeding, especially on carbs to produce instant energy.

Yes, stress eating can be a nervous habit… yet you are designed to do it.

While Leptin Keeps It On

As a mammal, you are the descendant of a long line of famine survivors. Fear of famine, and the desire to feast whenever possible, is embedded in your bones and your brain. Fat is how we store energy during feast-time against the lean seasons.

So when you try crash and fad diets, your body says, “Uh-oh. Food supply’s not what it once was. Better slow the metabolism down, way down, to conserve energy until the next time you get a chance to gorge.”

Which, if you’ve ever tried one of those fad or crash diets, is probably exactly how it ended, usually within a few days of beginning your self-starvation regimen. Because your body doesn’t realize it’s not a famine so you can safely burn your stored fat for fuel.

This is why “diets” can’t lead to lasting, sustained weight loss. Diets are based on making you suffer hunger when your entire neuro-endocrine system is designed to prevent that suffering.

It’s not you, it’s not your will-power, and it’s not even your genetics. It’s your neuro-endocrine system…

And You Can Hack Your Hormones to Lose Weight

That’s right. Successful weight loss is not about suffering, because suffering is not sustainable. Suffering is not a life.

Successful weight loss is about hacking your body’s entire neuro-endocrine system so your body can function as nature designed you to… in today’s modern world. So you can be the man nature meant you to be, despite living in the modern world.

Two Hormones Packing the Pounds On You

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